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I can't write essays!!!! How do you write the introduction?
I need your help with writing my essay urgent. Writing is now hectic task for me. Last year I was writing essays twice a week or so, but this year I've got a total block - I still haven't handed in any work at all because I just can't start the essays, and I have five or so due in, and I know what I want to write in the middle, but it's the introduction paragraph I am having problems with...
The one I have been dribbling over all morning is to discuss the environmental impacts of mineral extraction, how would I start that one off? Please help me with some good intro writing tips.
Don't get upset.There are many solutions to write essay in a better way today.Don't consider it as a difficult task.Of course writing is a hectic task for many students today.Many students finds difficulty in starting an essay.Writing an introduction may seems hard sometimes.Because it is one of the things teachers notices first.So most students are confused about writing an introduction in a n essay.I  think,if you have any starting problem,it is better to search for online writing service for help.They can provide you guidelines and suggestions to write a good introduction.Since you have short time to complete essay,it would be better.

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