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Any tips on writing essays? Or Seek online help
I feel like very lazy at writing essays; I am currently doing an Open University course and have submitted one essay already which I only just passed and the tutor commented on my paper as it was very basic. First of all I didn’t have any idea on what to put down!!! Obviously answer the question but I find what I am putting down is too short. I am currently trying to start my next essay and keep putting it off. Now I am getting much stressed!! I need good writing tips from you all, has anyone got any tips? And has anyone else felt like this? I want to do this course but I feel like giving up because I can't write the essays. One of my friends suggested me to use online writing service but I am scared to use one. Anyone know about any good writing company? Are all writing services available online write genuine?
It is true that most students hate writing essay.It takes a lot of time to prepare a quality essays.The difficulty increases when students have no idea about the topic.Submitting essay before examination is the most difficult task.It It cause headache to many students.If the word limit is there ,then it becomes harder.Because we have to write a long essay.Collecting all information and organizing it indeed a tiring work.No wonder students hate  writing it.But today essay writing service provide help to many students to prepare essay in a short time.The guidelines is provided by expert writers.In my opinion it is the best platform for many students who face difficulty in writing essay.So if you want to write a genuine essay it is better to seek writing help from the services online.

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